Tenable vs. Qualys Pricing and Cost Comparison

Tenable and Qualys have built industry-leading platforms suites around continous security and threat detection. Tenable’s SecurityCenter and Qualys’ Enterprise are primarily focused on vulnerability and threat management. This article highlights the two offerings from both a feature and Tenable Pricing/Cost perspective.


Tenable’s Nessus vulunerability scanner and its SecurityCenter platform offer vulnerability and threate management and security analytics—viewed/managed with a series of pre-configured, customizable reports and dashboards.

Tenable’s user interface

Tenable’s offering features a streamlined HTML5 interface and intuitive, user friendly navigation elements—a vast improvement from its previous Flash-based implementation. SecurityCenter Continuous View (CV) adds additional features for continuous visibility, advanced analytics, real-time metrics, and continuous compliance, among others.

Tenable Version Release Schedule

Tenable SecurityCenter is currently on version 5.2 and has been undergoing regular releases since its inception. Nessus (currently at version 6)—at one point considered the most popular vulnerability scanner in the world—was launched in 1998 and sees full version updates roughly every 2 years.

Tenable Pricing and Cost Comparison to Qualys

As a SaaS-based offering, Qualys Enterprise is sold on an annual subscription basis; pricing in the past has ranged from $295 for small businesses to $1,995 for larger enterprises, depending on the number of endpoints monitored. Tenable SecurityCenter costs upwards of $20,000 plus annual maintenance—a considerable investment for budget-conscious organizations.