Proofpoint Pricing

How much does Proofpoint cost?

The Proofpoint A670 Archive Appliance starts around $10,300 while the P370 Messaging Appliance cost starts at $4850. Proofpoint P870M Messaging Appliance Pricing is roughly $40,600. Proofpoint Archiving Virtual Appliance price starts at $2,425.

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Proofpoint Enterprise Archive Appliance

Legal, compliance and security pressures are evolving in the face of today’s data growth. That’s why you need a new secure approach to your data archiving challenges. Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is a cloud-based archiving solution that simplifies your legal discovery, regulatory compliance and end-user data access. It provides you with a secure and searchable central repository of a wide range of content types without the headaches of managing an email archive in-house. Pricing for the Proofpoint Archiving Appliance varies based on capacity.

Simplify E-Discovery

Meet your e-discovery obligations quickly, cost-effectively and defensibly. Our fully automated data archiving solution helps you collect, preserve, discover and manage the disposition of information. It works across the industry’s broadest collection of electronically stored information (ESI) sources. That includes email, enterprise collaboration data, social media data and SMS messages. With our advanced e-discovery features, you can expedite early case assessments, empower your legal team and achieve proactive litigation readiness.

With Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, you get:

  • Centrally managed search results in seconds, with review and legal-hold activity across all content
  • Self-service control for legal teams through proven and intuitive e-discovery workflow to minimize IT burden
  • Unlimited self-service and high-performance export to multiple file formats
  • Optional e-discovery visualization and machine learning analytics to enable a smarter case strategy