Juniper Networks Pricing/Costs for Budgetary Planning

Juniper Networks has a better approach to protecting your organization with products and solutions based not just on pricing, but value. One that keeps you a step ahead of the threats. Our unified cybersecurity platform delivers adaptive detection, automated enforcement, and one-touch mitigation to do just that. It’s powered by the Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN), which transforms your network into a cyber-defense system that:

  • Streamlines security operations so you can mitigate threats faster and more efficiently.
  • Enforces a consistent security posture across enviroments, from on-premises infrastructure to cloud workloads.
  • Detects hard-to-catch malware with threat behavior analysis.
  • Automates policy management and enforcement using real-time network and threat data.
  • Minimizes vendor sprawl.

Juniper Networks pricing summary for base systems is as follows (May 2018):

Product NumberDescriptionList Price
ACX1000-DCJuniper ACX1000, DC, 12X1G, 8XT1/E1 Pricing/Cost8,900.00
ACX1100-ACJuniper ACX1100,AC,12X1G Pricing/Cost7,400.00
ACX1100-DCJuniper ACX1100,DC,12X1G Pricing/Cost7,400.00
ACX2100-ACJuniper ACX2100,AC,10X1G,2X10G,16XT1/E1 Pricing/Cost13,900.00
ACX2100-DCJuniper ACX2100,DC,10X1G,2X10G,16XT1/E1 Pricing/Cost13,900.00
ACX2200-ACJuniper ACX2200,AC,10X1G,2X10G Pricing/Cost10,900.00
ACX2200-DCJuniper ACX2200,DC,10X1G,2X10G Pricing/Cost10,900.00
ACX4000-2-6GE-ACJuniper ACX4000 BASE,AC,2X6GE MICS Pricing/Cost20,525.00
ACX4000-2-6GE-DCJuniper ACX4000 BASE,DC,2X6GE MICS Pricing/Cost18,825.00
ACX4000BASE-ACJuniper ACX4000 BASE,AC,10XGE, 2X10GE Pricing/Cost16,050.00
ACX4000BASE-DCJuniper ACX4000 BASE,DC,10XGE, 2X10GE Pricing/Cost16,050.00
ACX500-ACJuniper ACX500 INDOOR UNIT WITH AC PS Pricing/Cost8,000.00
ACX500-DCJuniper ACX500 INDOOR UNIT WITH DC PS Pricing/Cost8,000.00
ACX500-O-ACJuniper ACX500, OUTDOOR, AC PS, NO POE, ACX-KOTI Pricing/Cost11,000.00
ACX500-O-DCJuniper ACX500, OUTDOOR, DC PS, NO POE,ACX-KOTIN Pricing/Cost11,000.00
ACX500-O-POE-ACJuniper ACX500, OUTDOOR, AC PS, POE, ACX-KOTINOS Pricing/Cost13,000.00
ACX500-O-POE-DCJuniper ACX500, OUTDOOR, DC PS, POE, ACX-KOTINOS Pricing/Cost13,000.00
ACX5048-AC-L2-L3Juniper ACX5048 AC L2 AND IP/MPLS FEATURE SET Pricing/Cost35,000.00
ACX5048-DC-L2-L3Juniper ACX5048 DC L2 AND IP/MPLS FEATURE SET Pricing/Cost35,000.00
ACX5096-AC-L2-L3Juniper ACX5096 AC L2 AND IP/MPLS FEATURE SET Pricing/Cost60,000.00
ACX5096-DC-L2-L3Juniper ACX5096 DC L2 AND IP/MPLS FEATURE SET Pricing/Cost60,000.00
AF-AUTO-VBLDJuniper VBUILDER AUTOMATION Pricing/Cost2,500,000.00
AF-PROT-ADTR-SOAPJuniper VPROTOCOL ADAPTER - SOAP - XML Pricing/Cost1,000,000.00
BT7D05AA-I02Juniper SA-805 BASE SYSTEM Pricing/Cost3,800.00
BT7D21AA-I02Juniper SA-821 BASE SYSTEM Pricing/Cost12,000.00
BT7D22AA-I02Juniper SA-822 BASE SYSTEM Pricing/Cost15,000.00
BT8A78CH14-KIT3-ACJuniper 7800 14-SLOT CHASSIS KIT (AC POWER) Pricing/Cost70,000.00
BT8A78CH14-KIT3-DCJuniper 7800 14-SLOT CHASSIS KIT (DC POWER) Pricing/Cost55,000.00
CBA850Juniper CBA 3G / 4G BRIDGE Pricing/Cost1,195.00
CBA850LP3-EUJuniper CBA850 BRIDGE WITH EU MODEM Pricing/Cost2,199.00
CBA850LPE-VZJuniper CBA850 BRIDGE WITH VZ MODEM Pricing/Cost2,199.00
CCPE-CSOC-10KJuniper CSO 10K VNF PERPETUAL Pricing/Cost2,200,000.00
CCPE-CSOC-10K-1Juniper CSO SUBSCRIPTION 10K VNF 1YR Pricing/Cost1,200,000.00
CCPE-CSOC-25KJuniper CSO 25K VNF PERPETUAL Pricing/Cost5,125,000.00
CCPE-CSOC-25K-1Juniper CSO SUBSCRIPTION 25K VNF 1YR Pricing/Cost2,800,000.00
CCPE-CSOC-50K-1Juniper CSO SUBSCRIPTION 50K VNF 1YR Pricing/Cost5,200,000.00
CCPE-CSOD-C-L10KJuniper CSO NSC PERPER 10,000 LARGE-DEVICES Pricing/Cost3,975,000.00
CCPE-CSOD-C-L10K-1Juniper CSO NSC SUBSCR 10,000 LARGE-DEVICES 1YR Pricing/Cost1,850,000.00
CCPE-CSOD-C-L25KJuniper CSO NSC PERPER 25,000 LARGE-DEVICES Pricing/Cost9,500,000.00
CCPE-CSOD-C-L25K-1Juniper CSO NSC SUBSCR 25,000 LARGE-DEVICES 1YR Pricing/Cost4,450,000.00
CCPE-CSOD-C-L2KJuniper CSO NSC PERPER 2000 LARGE-DEVICES Pricing/Cost850,000.00
CCPE-CSOD-C-L50K-1Juniper CSO NSC SUBSCR 50,000 LARGE-DEVICES 1YR Pricing/Cost8,550,000.00
CCPE-MANO-10K-1Juniper CLOUD CPE SUBSCRIPTION 10K VNF 1YR Pricing/Cost2,850,000.00
CCPE-MANO-25K-1Juniper CLOUD CPE SUBSCRIPTION 25K VNF 1YR Pricing/Cost6,750,000.00
CNTR-CL-1PB-3Juniper CONTRAIL CLOUD STORAGE 1PB - 3YR SUBS Pricing/Cost1,500,000.00
CTP150-ACJuniper CTP150, 4 OR 8 PORTS, AC Pricing/Cost3,500.00
CTP150-DCJuniper CTP150, 4 OR 8 PORTS, DC Pricing/Cost4,000.00
CTP2008-AC-03Juniper CTP2008 AC CH PROC,PS,CLK MAIN,1GRAM Pricing/Cost13,000.00
CTP2008-DC-03Juniper CTP2008 DC CH PROC,PS,CLK MAIN,1GRAM Pricing/Cost13,200.00
CTP2024-AC-03Juniper CTP2024 AC CH PROC, PS, CLK MAIN,1GRAM Pricing/Cost17,450.00
CTP2024-DC-03Juniper CTP2024 DC CH PROC,PS,CLK MAIN,1GRAM Pricing/Cost17,800.00
CTP2056-AC-03Juniper CTP2056 AC CH PROC,PS,CLK MAIN,1GRAM Pricing/Cost22,450.00
CTP2056-DC-03Juniper CTP2056 DC CH PROC,PS,CLK MAIN,1GRAM Pricing/Cost22,800.00
EX2200-24P-4GJuniper EX2200, 24-PORT 10/100/1000BASET POE Pricing/Cost2,595.00
EX2200-24P-4G-TAAJuniper EX2200 TAA, 24-PORT 10/100/1000BASET POE Pricing/Cost2,895.00
EX2200-24T-4GJuniper EX2200, 24-PORT 10/100/1000BASET Pricing/Cost1,595.00
EX2200-24T-4G-DCJuniper EX2200, 24-PORT 10/100/1000BASET DC Pricing/Cost2,495.00
EX2200-24T-4G-TAAJuniper EX2200 TAA, 24-PORT 10/100/1000BASET Pricing/Cost1,895.00
EX2200-48P-4GJuniper EX2200, 48-PORT 10/100/1000BASET POE Pricing/Cost4,495.00
EX2200-48P-4G-TAAJuniper EX2200 TAA, 48-PORT 10/100/1000BASET POE Pricing/Cost4,795.00
EX2200-48T-4GJuniper EX2200, 48-PORT 10/100/1000BASET Pricing/Cost2,895.00
EX2200-48T-4G-TAAJuniper EX2200 TAA, 48-PORT 10/100/1000BASET Pricing/Cost3,195.00
EX2200-C-12P-2GJuniper EX2200-C, 12-PORT 10/100/1000BASET POE Pricing/Cost1,895.00
EX2200-C-12P2G-TAAJuniper TAA EX2200C, 12PORT 10/100/1000BASET POE Pricing/Cost2,195.00
EX2200-C-12T-2GJuniper EX2200-C, 12-PORT 10/100/1000 BASET Pricing/Cost1,295.00
EX2300-24MPJuniper EX2300 CLASS MULTI-GIG SWITCH Pricing/Cost4,200.00
EX2300-24PJuniper EX2300 24-PORT POE+ Pricing/Cost2,600.00
EX2300-24P-TAAJuniper EX2300 24-PORT POE+ TAA Pricing/Cost2,900.00
EX2300-24P-VCJuniper EX2300 24-PORT POE+ W/ VC LICENSE Pricing/Cost3,900.00
EX2300-24TJuniper EX2300 24-PORT Pricing/Cost1,595.00
EX2300-24T-DCJuniper EX2300 24-PORT DC Pricing/Cost2,750.00
EX2300-24T-TAAJuniper EX2300 24-PORT TAA Pricing/Cost1,895.00
EX2300-24T-VCJuniper EX2300 24-PORT NON-POE+ W/ VC LICENSE Pricing/Cost3,150.00
EX2300-48MPJuniper EX2300 CLASS 48 PORT MULTI-GIG SWITCH Pricing/Cost8,700.00
EX2300-48PJuniper EX2300 48-PORT POE+ Pricing/Cost4,500.00
EX2300-48P-TAAJuniper EX2300 48-PORT POE+ TAA Pricing/Cost4,800.00
EX2300-48P-VCJuniper EX2300 48-PORT POE+ W/ VC LICENSE Pricing/Cost5,800.00
EX2300-48TJuniper EX2300 48-PORT Pricing/Cost2,900.00
EX2300-48T-TAAJuniper EX2300 48-PORT TAA Pricing/Cost3,200.00
EX2300-48T-VCJuniper EX2300 48-PORT NON-POE+ W/ VC LICENSE Pricing/Cost4,200.00
EX2300-C-12PJuniper EX2300 12-PORT POE+ COMPACT Pricing/Cost1,895.00
EX2300-C-12P-TAAJuniper EX2300 12-PORT POE+ COMPACT TAA Pricing/Cost2,195.00
EX2300-C-12P-VCJuniper EX2300-C 12-PORT POE+ W/ VC LICENSE Pricing/Cost3,300.00
EX2300-C-12TJuniper EX2300 12-PORT COMPACT Pricing/Cost1,295.00
EX2300-C-12T-TAAJuniper EX2300 12-PORT COMPACT TAA Pricing/Cost1,595.00
EX2300-C-12T-VCJuniper EX2300-C 12-PORT NON-POE+ W/ VC LICENSE Pricing/Cost2,900.00
EX3300-24PJuniper EX3300, 24-PORT 10/100/1000BASET POE Pricing/Cost4,000.00
EX3300-24P-TAAJuniper EX3300 TAA, 24-PORT 10/100/1000BASET POE Pricing/Cost4,300.00
EX3300-24TJuniper EX3300, 24-PORT 10/100/1000BASET Pricing/Cost3,200.00
EX3300-24T-DCJuniper EX3300, 24-PORT 10/100/1000BASET DC Pricing/Cost4,300.00
EX3300-24T-DC-TAAJuniper EX3300 TAA, 24-PORT 10/100/1000BASET DC Pricing/Cost4,600.00
EX3300-24T-TAAJuniper EX3300 TAA, 24-PORT 10/100/1000BASET Pricing/Cost3,500.00
EX3300-48PJuniper EX3300, 48-PORT 10/100/1000BASET POE Pricing/Cost6,995.00
EX3300-48P-TAAJuniper EX3300 TAA, 48-PORT 10/100/1000BASET POE Pricing/Cost7,295.00
EX3300-48TJuniper EX3300, 48-PORT 10/100/1000BASET Pricing/Cost5,095.00
EX3300-48T-BFJuniper EX3300, 48-PORT 10/100/1000BASET BF Pricing/Cost5,800.00
EX3300-48T-BF-TAAJuniper EX3300 TAA, 48-PORT 10/100/1000BASET BF Pricing/Cost6,100.00
EX3300-48T-TAAJuniper EX3300 TAA, 48-PORT 10/100/1000BASET Pricing/Cost5,395.00
EX3400-24PJuniper EX3400 24-PORT POE+ Pricing/Cost4,100.00
EX3400-24P-TAAJuniper EX3400 24-PORT POE+ TAA Pricing/Cost4,400.00
EX3400-24TJuniper EX3400 24-PORT Pricing/Cost3,300.00
EX3400-24T-DCJuniper EX3400 24-PORT DC Pricing/Cost4,200.00
EX3400-24T-TAAJuniper EX3400 24-PORT TAA Pricing/Cost3,600.00
EX3400-48PJuniper EX3400 48-PORT POE+ Pricing/Cost8,150.00
EX3400-48P-TAAJuniper EX3400 48-PORT POE+ TAA Pricing/Cost8,450.00
EX3400-48TJuniper EX3400 48-PORT Pricing/Cost5,900.00
EX3400-48T-AFIJuniper EX3400 48-PORT BACK-TO-FRONT AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost5,900.00
EX3400-48T-AFI-TAAJuniper EX3400 48-PORT BACK-TO-FRONT AIRFLOW TAA Pricing/Cost6,200.00
EX3400-48T-TAAJuniper EX3400 48-PORT TAA Pricing/Cost6,200.00
EX4200-24FJuniper EX 4200, 24-PORT 1000BASEX SFP Pricing/Cost16,000.00
EX4200-24F-DCJuniper EX4200, 24-PORT GBASEX SFP DC Pricing/Cost16,300.00
EX4200-24F-DC-TAAJuniper EX 4200 TAA, 24-PORT 1000BASEX SFP Pricing/Cost16,600.00
EX4200-24F-TAAJuniper EX 4200 TAA, 24-PORT 1000BASEX SFP Pricing/Cost16,300.00
EX4200-24PXJuniper EX4200, 24-PORT GBASET POE-PLUS Pricing/Cost6,200.00
EX4200-24PX-TAAJuniper EX4200 TAA, 24-PORT GBASET POE-PLUS Pricing/Cost6,500.00
EX4200-24TJuniper EX 4200, 24-PORT GBASET (8-PORTS POE) Pricing/Cost5,200.00
EX4200-24T-DCJuniper EX4200,24-PORT GBASET DC Pricing/Cost6,300.00
EX4200-24T-TAAJuniper EX 4200 TAA 24-PORT GBASET Pricing/Cost6,300.00
EX4200-48PXJuniper EX4200 48-PORT GBASET POE+ Pricing/Cost10,800.00
EX4200-48PX-TAAJuniper EX4200 TAA 48-PORT GBASET POE Pricing/Cost11,100.00
EX4200-48TJuniper EX 4200 48-PRTGBASET Pricing/Cost8,800.00
EX4200-48T-DCJuniper EX4200,48PRT 10/100/1000BASET+190W DC PS Pricing/Cost11,100.00
EX4200-48T-TAAJuniper EX 4200 TAA, 48-PORT GBASET Pricing/Cost11,100.00
EX4300-24PJuniper EX4300, 24-PORT GBASET POE+ Pricing/Cost5,995.00
EX4300-24P-TAAJuniper EX4300 TAA, 24-PORT, POE+ Pricing/Cost6,295.00
EX4300-24TJuniper EX4300,24PRT 10/100/1000BASET+350W AC PS Pricing/Cost5,195.00
EX4300-24T-TAAJuniper EX4300 TAA, 24-PORT, 350W PSU Pricing/Cost5,495.00
EX4300-32FJuniper EX4300 32-PRT GBASEX SFP Pricing/Cost11,495.00
EX4300-32F-DCJuniper EX4300, 32-PORT 1000BASEX SFP, DC Pricing/Cost11,995.00
EX4300-32F-DC-TAAJuniper EX4300 TAA, 32-PORT 1000BASEX SFP, DC Pricing/Cost12,995.00
EX4300-32F-TAAJuniper EX4300 TAA, 32-PORT 1000BASEX SFP Pricing/Cost12,495.00
EX4300-48PJuniper EX4300, 48-PORT GBASET POE-PLUS Pricing/Cost9,995.00
EX4300-48P-TAAJuniper EX4300 TAA, 48-PORT POE-PLUS, 1100W PSU Pricing/Cost10,495.00
EX4300-48TJuniper EX4300,48PRT 10/100/1000BASET+350W AC PS Pricing/Cost7,995.00
EX4300-48T-AFIJuniper EX4300, 48 PRT GBASET + 350W AC PS Pricing/Cost7,995.00
EX4300-48T-AFI-TAAJuniper EX4300 TAA, 48-PORT, 350W AFI PSU Pricing/Cost8,795.00
EX4300-48T-DCJuniper EX4300, 48-PORT 10/100/1000BASET + 550W Pricing/Cost8,495.00
EX4300-48T-DC-AFIJuniper EX4300, 48-PORT GBASET + 550W DC PS AFI Pricing/Cost8,495.00
EX4300-48T-DCI-TAAJuniper EX4300 TAA, 48-PORT, 550W DC AFI PSU Pricing/Cost9,595.00
EX4300-48T-DC-TAAJuniper EX4300 TAA, 48-PORT, 550W DC PSU Pricing/Cost9,595.00
EX4300-48T-TAAJuniper EX4300 TAA, 48-PORT, 350W PSU Pricing/Cost8,795.00
EX4550-32F-AFIJuniper EX4550 32X10G SFP+, BF Pricing/Cost19,000.00
EX4550-32F-AFOJuniper EX4550 32X10G SFP+, FB Pricing/Cost19,000.00
EX4550-32F-DC-AFIJuniper EX4550 32X10G SFP+, DC, BF Pricing/Cost21,500.00
EX4550-32F-DC-AFOJuniper EX4550 32X10G SFP+,DC, FB Pricing/Cost21,500.00
EX4550-32T-AFIJuniper EX4550 32X10GT, BF Pricing/Cost20,500.00
EX4550-32T-AFOJuniper EX4550 32X10GT, FB Pricing/Cost20,500.00
EX4550-32T-DC-AFIJuniper EX4550 32X10GT, DC, BF Pricing/Cost23,000.00
EX4550-32T-DC-AFOJuniper EX4550 32X10GT, DC, FB Pricing/Cost23,000.00
EX4550F-AFI-TAAJuniper 32 PORT 1/10G SFP+, AC PS, BF AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost19,500.00
EX4550F-AFO-TAAJuniper 32 PORT 1/10G SFP+, AC PS, FB AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost19,500.00
EX4550F-DC-AFI-TAAJuniper 32 PORT 1/10G SFP+, DC PS, BF AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost21,000.00
EX4550F-DC-AFO-TAAJuniper 32 PORT 1/10G SFP+, DC PS, FB AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost21,000.00
EX4550T-AFI-TAAJuniper 32 PORT 100M/1G/10GT, AC PS, BF AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost21,000.00
EX4550T-AFO-TAAJuniper EX450 32X10GT, FB, TAA Pricing/Cost21,000.00
EX4550T-DC-AFI-TAAJuniper 32 PORT 100M/1G/10GT, DC PS, BF AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost21,500.00
EX4550T-DC-AFO-TAAJuniper 32 PORT 100M/1G/10GT, DC PS, FB AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost21,500.00
EX4600-40F-AFIJuniper EX4600, 24 + 4X 40G + 2M, AFI Pricing/Cost15,495.00
EX4600-40F-AFI-TJuniper EX4600-40F TAA MODEL BACK TO FRONT AC Pricing/Cost15,995.00
EX4600-40F-AFOJuniper EX4600, 24 + 4X 40G + 2M, AFO Pricing/Cost15,495.00
EX4600-40F-AFO-TJuniper EX4600-40F TAA MODEL FRONT TO BACK AC Pricing/Cost15,995.00
EX4600-40F-DC-AFIJuniper EX4600, 24 + 4X40G+ 2M, DC, AFI Pricing/Cost17,995.00
EX4600-40F-DC-AFOJuniper EX4600, 24 + 4X40G+ 2M, DC, AFO Pricing/Cost17,995.00
EX9204-AC-BND1Juniper BUNDLE OF EX9204-BASE3 AND EX9200-32XS Pricing/Cost60,000.00
EX9204-AC-BND2Juniper BUNDLE: EX9204-BASE3B-AC & EX9200-32XS Pricing/Cost60,000.00
EX9204-BASE3A-ACJuniper 4-SLOT CHASSIS BASE BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost45,000.00
EX9204-BASE3A-AC-TJuniper 4-SLOT CHASSIS TAA BASE BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost48,500.00
EX9204-BASE3B-ACJuniper 4-SLOT CHASSIS BASE SYSTEM, SF2, RE2 Pricing/Cost45,000.00
EX9204-BASE-ACJuniper EX9204 BASE 1X FAN,1XRE,1XSF,2X2520W AC Pricing/Cost45,000.00
EX9204-BASE-AC-TJuniper 4-SLOT CHASSIS BASE BUNDLE, SF, TAA Pricing/Cost48,500.00
EX9204-RED3A-AC-TJuniper 4-SLOT CHASSIS TAA REDUNDANT BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost86,000.00
EX9204-RED3B-ACJuniper 4-SLOT REDUNDANT SYSTEM, SF2, RE2 Pricing/Cost80,000.00
EX9204-RED3B-DCJuniper 4-SLOT REDUNDANT SYSTEM, SF2, RE2, DC Pricing/Cost80,000.00
EX9204-RED-AC-TJuniper 4-SLOT CHASSIS REDUNDANT BUNDLE, SF, TAA Pricing/Cost86,000.00
EX9204-REDUND3A-ACJuniper 4-SLOT CHASSIS REDUNDANT BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost80,000.00
EX9204-REDUND3A-DCJuniper REDN EX9204 1X FAN,2XRE,2XSF2,2X2400W DC Pricing/Cost80,000.00
EX9204-REDUND-ACJuniper REDN EX9204 1X FAN,2XRE,2XSF,4X2520W AC Pricing/Cost80,000.00
EX9204-REDUND-DCJuniper REDN EX9204 1X FAN,2XRE,2XSF,2X2400W DC Pricing/Cost80,000.00
EX9208-BASE3A-ACJuniper 8-SLOT CHASSIS BASE BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost55,000.00
EX9208-BASE3A-AC-TJuniper 8-SLOT TAA CHASSIS BASE BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost59,250.00
EX9208-BASE3B-ACJuniper 8-SLOT CHASSIS BASE SYSTEM, SF2, RE2 Pricing/Cost55,000.00
EX9208-BASE-ACJuniper EX9208 BASE 1XFAN,1XRE,1XSF,3X2520W AC Pricing/Cost55,000.00
EX9208-BASE-AC-TJuniper 8-SLOT CHASSIS BASE BUNDLE, SF, TAA Pricing/Cost59,250.00
EX9208-RED3A-AC-TJuniper 8-SLOT TAA CHASSIS REDUNDANT BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost97,000.00
EX9208-RED3B-ACJuniper 8-SLOT REDUNDANT SYSTEM, SF2, RE2 Pricing/Cost90,000.00
EX9208-RED3B-DCJuniper 8-SLOT REDUNDANT SYSTEM, SF2, RE2 DC Pricing/Cost90,000.00
EX9208-RED-AC-TJuniper 8-SLOT CHASSIS REDUNDANT BUNDLE, SF, TAA Pricing/Cost97,000.00
EX9208-REDUND3A-ACJuniper 8-SLOT CHASSIS REDUNDANT BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost90,000.00
EX9208-REDUND3A-DCJuniper REDN EX9208 1XFAN,2XRE,2XSF2,4X2400W DC Pricing/Cost90,000.00
EX9208-REDUND-ACJuniper REDN EX9208 1XFAN,2XRE,2XSF,4X2520W AC Pricing/Cost90,000.00
EX9208-REDUND-DCJuniper REDN EX9208 1XFAN,2XRE,2XSF,4X2400W DC Pricing/Cost90,000.00
EX9214-BASE3A-ACJuniper 14-SLOT CHASSIS BASE BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost75,000.00
EX9214-BASE3A-AC-TJuniper 14-SLOT TAA CHASSIS BASE BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost81,000.00
EX9214-BASE3-ACJuniper EX9214 BASE 2XFAN,1XRE,2XSF,3X4100W AC Pricing/Cost65,000.00
EX9214-BASE3-AC-TJuniper 14-SLOT CHASSIS BASE BUNDLE, SF, TAA Pricing/Cost70,000.00
EX9214-BASE3B-ACJuniper 14-SLOT CHASSIS BASE SYSTEM, SF2, RE2 Pricing/Cost75,000.00
EX9214-RED3A-AC-TJuniper 14-SLOT REDUNDANT TAA BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost107,500.00
EX9214-RED3-AC-TJuniper 14-SLOT CHASSIS REDUNDANT BUNDLE, SF, TA Pricing/Cost107,500.00
EX9214-RED3B-ACJuniper 14-SLOT REDUNDANT SYSTEM, SF2, RE2 Pricing/Cost100,000.00
EX9214-RED3B-DCJuniper 14-SLOT REDUNDANT SYSTEM, SF2, RE2, DC Pricing/Cost100,000.00
EX9214-REDUND3A-ACJuniper 14-SLOT CHASSIS REDUNDANT BUNDLE, SF2 Pricing/Cost100,000.00
EX9214-REDUND3-ACJuniper REDN EX9214 2XFAN,2XRE,3XSF,4X4100W AC Pricing/Cost100,000.00
EX9214-REDUND3A-DCJuniper REDN EX9214 2XFAN,2XRE,3XSF2,4X4100W DC Pricing/Cost100,000.00
EX9214-REDUND3-DCJuniper REDN EX9214 2XFAN,2XRE,3XSF,4X4100W DC Pricing/Cost100,000.00
EX9251-8X4CJuniper EX9251 SYSTEM WITH DUAL AC PSUS Pricing/Cost35,000.00
EX9251-8X4C-DCJuniper EX9251 SYSTEM WITH DUAL DC PSUS Pricing/Cost37,000.00
EX9253-AC-BND1Juniper BUNDLE: EX9253-BASE-AC + EX9253-6Q12C Pricing/Cost110,000.00
EX9253-BASE-ACJuniper BASE EX9253 AC CONFIGURATION Pricing/Cost40,000.00
EX9253-BASE-DCJuniper BASE EX9253 DC CONFIGURATION Pricing/Cost47,000.00
EX9253-RED-ACJuniper REDUNDANT EX9253 AC CONFIGURATION Pricing/Cost60,000.00
EX9253-RED-DCJuniper REDUNDANT EX9253 DC CONFIGURATION Pricing/Cost70,000.00
FPC3-PTX-2T-RJuniper PTX5K 2T FPC3 - R Pricing/Cost935,000.00
FPC3-PTX-3T-IRJuniper PTX5K 3T FPC3 - IR Pricing/Cost900,000.00
FPC3-PTX-3T-RJuniper PTX5K 3T FPC3 - R Pricing/Cost1,380,000.00
JA2500-A-BSEJuniper JUNOS SPACE 2500 BASE APPLIANCE Pricing/Cost40,000.00
JAPAW-1MJuniper JUNOS APP AWARE - ADD 1M Pricing/Cost3,250,000.00
JATP-10G-ENT-3Juniper 10GBPS, ENT FEATURE PACKAGE, 3YR Pricing/Cost1,942,080.00
JATP-10G-ENT-5Juniper 10GBPS, ENT FEATURE PACKAGE, 5YR Pricing/Cost3,236,800.00
JATP-10G-STD-3Juniper 10GBPS, STD FEATURE PACKAGE, 3YR Pricing/Cost1,213,800.00
JATP-10G-STD-5Juniper 10GBPS, STD FEATURE PACKAGE, 5YR Pricing/Cost2,023,000.00
JATP-2G-ENT-5Juniper 2GBPS, ENT FEATURE PACKAGE, 5YR Pricing/Cost832,320.00
JATP-5G-ENT-3Juniper 5GBPS, ENT FEATURE PACKAGE, 3YR Pricing/Cost1,082,020.00
JATP-5G-ENT-5Juniper 5GBPS, ENT FEATURE PACKAGE, 5YR Pricing/Cost1,803,360.00
JATP-5G-STD-5Juniper 5GBPS, STD FEATURE PACKAGE, 5YR Pricing/Cost1,127,100.00
JATP700-AC-ALLJuniper JATP700, AC PSU,ALLINONE SOFTWARE Pricing/Cost45,000.00
JATP700-AC-COLJuniper JATP700, AC PSU,COLLECTOR SOFTWARE Pricing/Cost45,000.00
JATP700-AC-COREJuniper JATP700, AC PSU,CORE SOFTWARE Pricing/Cost45,000.00
JATP700-DC-ALLJuniper JATP700, DC PSU,ALLINONE SOFTWARE Pricing/Cost45,000.00
JATP700-DC-COLJuniper JATP700, DC PSU,COLLECTOR SOFTWARE Pricing/Cost45,000.00
JATP700-DC-COREJuniper JATP700, DC PSU,CORE SOFTWARE Pricing/Cost45,000.00
JNA-BIZ-10-1YJuniper JSA-BIZREFLEX 100KFLOWS-10NODES 1Y Pricing/Cost1,365,000.00
JNA-BIZ-10-1Y-RJuniper JSA-BIZREFLEX 100KFLOWS-10NODES 1Y RENEW Pricing/Cost1,365,000.00
JNA-MPLS-100-1YJuniper JSA-NETREFLEX MPLS 100K-100NODES 1Y Pricing/Cost6,825,000.00
JNA-MPLS-100-1Y-RJuniper JSA-NETREFLEX MPLS 100K-100NODES 1YRENEW Pricing/Cost6,825,000.00
JNA-NET-100-1YJuniper JSA-NETREFLEX 100KFLOWS-100NODES 1Y Pricing/Cost6,825,000.00
JNA-NET-100-1Y-RJuniper JSA-NETREFLEX 100KFLOWS-100NODES 1YRENEW Pricing/Cost6,825,000.00
JPC-1MJuniper JUNOS POLICY CONTROL - ADD 1M Pricing/Cost1,800,000.00
JSA7500-BSEJuniper SECURE ANALYTICS HW APPLIANCE - XL Pricing/Cost129,500.00
JSA7800-BSEJuniper JSA HW APPLIANCE-HIGHEND Pricing/Cost129,500.00
JSA7800-CHASJuniper STANDALONE SYSTEM/FRU Pricing/Cost128,500.00
JSA-RMAD2500SRCJuniper JSA RISK MANAGER 2500 SOURCE INCREASE Pricing/Cost1,484,000.00
JSUB-1MJuniper JUNOS SUBSCRIBER AWARE - 1M Pricing/Cost1,800,000.00
JWA-1MJuniper JUNOS WEB AWARE - ADD 1M Pricing/Cost1,250,000.00
MX10003-BASEJuniper JNP10003/MX10003 BASE CHASSIS Pricing/Cost47,400.00
MX10003-PREMIUMJuniper JNP10003/MX10003 PREMIUM CHASSIS Pricing/Cost74,300.00
MX10008-BASEJuniper JNP10008/MX10008 BASE SYSTEM Pricing/Cost78,000.00
MX10008-PREMIUMJuniper JNP10008/MX10008 PREMIUM SYSTEM Pricing/Cost110,000.00
MX104-40G-AC-BNDLJuniper MX104 40G PROMO BNDL,2X10GE,2 MIC SLOTS Pricing/Cost39,500.00
MX104-40G-DC-BNDLJuniper MX104 PROMO BNDL,2X10GE,2 MIC SLOTS,DC Pricing/Cost39,500.00
MX104-80G-AC-BNDLJuniper MX104 PROMO BNDL,4X10GE,4 MIC SLOTS,AC Pricing/Cost92,500.00
MX104-80G-DC-BNDLJuniper MX104 PROMO BNDL,4X10GE,4 MIC SLOTS,DC Pricing/Cost92,500.00
MX104-ACJuniper MX104 BASE CHAS, 1RE, 1PFE,1FTRY,1 AC PS Pricing/Cost32,000.00
MX104-DCJuniper MX104 BASE CHAS, 1RE, 1PFE,1FTRY,1 DC PS Pricing/Cost32,000.00
MX104-MX5-ACJuniper MX104 - MX5, 20X1GE, 1 S-MIC SLOTS AC Pricing/Cost29,500.00
MX104-MX5-DCJuniper MX104 - MX5, 20X1GE, 1 S-MIC SLOTS DC Pricing/Cost29,500.00
MX104-PREM-AC-BNDLJuniper MX104 PREM 2 RES +2 AC PS +JUNOS Pricing/Cost57,500.00
MX104-PREM-DC-BNDLJuniper MX104 PREM 2 RES +2 DC PS +JUNOS Pricing/Cost57,500.00
MX104-PREM-TJuniper MX104 PREM 2PS 2RE 4SLOTS JUNOS,TAA Pricing/Cost57,500.00
MX104-TJuniper MX104 1PS 1RE 4 MIC SLOTS JUNOS TAA Pricing/Cost42,000.00
MX10-T-ACJuniper MX10 AC CHASSIS, TIMING SUPPORT Pricing/Cost50,000.00
MX10-T-DCJuniper MX10 DC CHASSIS, TIMING SUPPORT Pricing/Cost50,000.00
MX150Juniper SUB-20G ROUTER APPLIANCE - MX150 Pricing/Cost17,500.00
MX150-IRJuniper MX150-IR BUNDLE Pricing/Cost21,500.00
MX150-RJuniper MX150-R BUNDLE Pricing/Cost25,000.00
MX2008-BASEJuniper MX2008 BASE BUNDLE Pricing/Cost68,000.00
MX2008-PREMIUMJuniper MX2008 PREMIUM BUNDLE Pricing/Cost110,000.00
MX2010-BASE-ACJuniper MX2010 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost187,500.00
MX2010-BASE-DCJuniper MX2010 BASE BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost187,500.00
MX2010-PREMIUM2-ACJuniper MX2010 PREMIUM2 AC CHASSIS Pricing/Cost250,000.00
MX2010-PREMIUM2-DCJuniper MX2010 PREMIUM2 DC CHASSIS Pricing/Cost250,000.00
MX2010-PREMIUM-ACJuniper MX2010 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost250,000.00
MX2010-PREMIUM-DCJuniper MX2010 PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost250,000.00
MX2020-BASE-ACJuniper MX2020 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost227,500.00
MX2020-BASE-DCJuniper MX2020 BASE BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost227,500.00
MX2020-PREMIUM2-ACJuniper MX2020 PREMIUM2 AC CHASSIS Pricing/Cost290,000.00
MX2020-PREMIUM2-DCJuniper MX2020 PREMIUM2 DC CHASSIS Pricing/Cost290,000.00
MX2020-PREMIUM-ACJuniper MX2020 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost290,000.00
MX2020-PREMIUM-DCJuniper MX2020 PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost290,000.00
MX204Juniper JNP204/MX204 FIXED SYSTEM Pricing/Cost40,350.00
MX204-IRJuniper JNP204/MX204 FIXED SYSTEM -IR MODE Pricing/Cost48,350.00
MX204-RJuniper JNP204/MX204 FIXED SYSTEM -R MODE Pricing/Cost64,350.00
MX240BASE3-ACHJuniper MX240 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost55,000.00
MX240BASE3-ACLJuniper MX240 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost55,000.00
MX240BASE3-DCJuniper MX240 BASE BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost55,000.00
MX240BASE-AC-HIGHJuniper MX240 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost55,000.00
MX240BASE-AC-LOWJuniper MX240 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost55,000.00
MX240BASE-DCJuniper MX240 BASE BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost55,000.00
MX240-P3-SCBE2-ACJuniper MX240, PREM BNDL,2SCBE2, 2RE, 4PSU, FAN Pricing/Cost127,000.00
MX240-PREM3-ACJuniper MX240 PREM3 REDUNDANT AC BUNDLE Pricing/Cost127,000.00
MX240-PREM3-DCJuniper MX240 PREM3 REDUNDANT DC BUNDLE Pricing/Cost127,000.00
MX240-PREMIUM2-AC-LOWJuniper MX240 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC LOW POWER Pricing/Cost97,000.00
MX240-PREMIUM2-DCJuniper MX240 PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost97,000.00
MX240-PREMIUM3-ACHJuniper MX240 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC HIGH POWER Pricing/Cost97,000.00
MX240-PREMIUM3-ACLJuniper MX240 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC LOW POWER Pricing/Cost97,000.00
MX240-PREMIUM3-DCJuniper MX240 PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost97,000.00
MX240-SERVPREM3-ACJuniper MX240 MXAAF PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost217,000.00
MX240-SERVPREM3-DCJuniper MX240 MXAAF PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost217,000.00
MX2K-MPC9E-IRBJuniper 1.6T MODULAR, MX2000, LIMITED L3VPN Pricing/Cost965,000.00
MX2K-MPC9EQ-BJuniper 1.6T MODULAR, MX2000, HQOS Pricing/Cost1,000,000.00
MX2K-MPC9EQ-IRBJuniper 1.6T MODULAR, MX2000, LIMITED L3VPN,HQOS Pricing/Cost1,310,000.00
MX2K-MPC9EQ-RBJuniper 1.6T MODULAR, MX2000, FULL L3VPN, HQOS Pricing/Cost1,620,000.00
MX2K-MPC9E-RBJuniper 1.6T MODULAR, MX2000, FULL L3VPN Pricing/Cost1,200,000.00
MX40-T-ACJuniper MX40 AC CHASSIS WITH TIMING SUPPORT Pricing/Cost80,000.00
MX40-T-DCJuniper MX40 DC CHASSIS WITH TIMING SUPPORT Pricing/Cost80,000.00
MX480BASE3-ACJuniper MX480 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost65,000.00
MX480BASE3-DCJuniper MX480 BASE BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost65,000.00
MX480BASE-ACJuniper MX480 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost65,000.00
MX480BASE-DCJuniper MX480 BASE BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost65,000.00
MX480-P3-SCBE2-ACJuniper MX480 PREM BNDL,4 ACPSU,2 SCBE2,2 RE,FAN Pricing/Cost137,000.00
MX480-PREM3-ACJuniper MX480 PREM3 REDUNDANT AC BUNDLE Pricing/Cost137,000.00
MX480-PREM3-DCJuniper MX480 PREM3 REDUNDANT DC BUNDLE Pricing/Cost137,000.00
MX480-PREMIUM2-ACJuniper MX480 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost107,000.00
MX480-PREMIUM2-DCJuniper MX480 PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost107,000.00
MX480-PREMIUM3-ACJuniper MX480 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost107,000.00
MX480-PREMIUM3-DCJuniper MX480 PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost107,000.00
MX480-SERVPREM3-ACJuniper MX480 MXAAF PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost227,000.00
MX480-SERVPREM3-DCJuniper MX480 MXAAF PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost227,000.00
MX5-T-ACJuniper MX5 AC CHASSIS, TIMING SUPPORT Pricing/Cost29,500.00
MX5-T-DCJuniper MX5 DC CHASSIS, TIMING SUPPORT Pricing/Cost29,500.00
MX80-48T-ACJuniper MX80-48T AC,48X1 RJ-45,4X10GE XFP PORTS Pricing/Cost40,000.00
MX80-48T-AC-BJuniper MX80-48T AC ADV BUNDLE,FAN TRAY,FILTER Pricing/Cost50,000.00
MX80-48T-DCJuniper MX80-48T DC,48X1 RJ-45,4X10GE XFP PORTS Pricing/Cost40,000.00
MX80-48T-DC-BJuniper MX80-48T DC ADV BUNDLE,FAN TRAY,FILTER Pricing/Cost50,000.00
MX80-ACJuniper MX80 CHASSIS AC,4X10GE XFP,FAN TRAY Pricing/Cost60,000.00
MX80-AC-BJuniper MX80 CHASSIS AC BUNDLE,FAN TRAY,JUNOS Pricing/Cost70,000.00
MX80-DCJuniper MX80 CHASSIS DC,4X10GE XFP,FAN TRAY Pricing/Cost60,000.00
MX80-DC-BJuniper MX80 CHASSIS DC BUNDLE,FAN TRAY, JUNOS Pricing/Cost70,000.00
MX80-T-ACJuniper MX80 AC CHASSIS, TIMING SUPPORT Pricing/Cost30,000.00
MX80-T-DCJuniper MX80 DC CHASSIS, TIMING SUPPORT Pricing/Cost30,000.00
MX960BASE3-ACJuniper MX960 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost68,000.00
MX960BASE3-AC-ECMJuniper MX960 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER, ECM Pricing/Cost78,000.00
MX960BASE3-DCJuniper MX960 BASE BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost68,000.00
MX960BASE3-DC-ECMJuniper MX960 BASE BUNDLE, DC POWER, ECM Pricing/Cost78,000.00
MX960BASE-ACJuniper MX960 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost68,000.00
MX960BASE-AC-ECMJuniper MX960 BASE BUNDLE, AC POWER, ECM Pricing/Cost78,000.00
MX960BASE-DCJuniper MX960 BASE BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost68,000.00
MX960BASE-DC-ECMJuniper MX960 BASE BUNDLE, DC POWER, ECM Pricing/Cost78,000.00
MX960-P3-SCBE2-ECMJuniper MX960 PREMBNDL,3SCBE2,2RE,4ACPSU,FAN,ECM Pricing/Cost160,000.00
MX960-PREM3AC-ECMJuniper MX960 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER, ECM Pricing/Cost160,000.00
MX960-PREM3DC-ECMJuniper MX960 PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER, ECM Pricing/Cost160,000.00
MX960-PREMIUM2-ACJuniper MX960 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost110,000.00
MX960-PREMIUM2-AC-ECMJuniper MX960 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER, ECM Pricing/Cost120,000.00
MX960-PREMIUM2-DCJuniper MX960 PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost110,000.00
MX960-PREMIUM2-DC-ECMJuniper MX960 PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER, ECM Pricing/Cost120,000.00
MX960-PREMIUM3-ACJuniper MX960 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost110,000.00
MX960-PREMIUM3-AC-ECMJuniper MX960 PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER, ECM Pricing/Cost120,000.00
MX960-PREMIUM3-DCJuniper MX960 PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost110,000.00
MX960-PREMIUM3-DC-ECMJuniper MX960 PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER, ECM Pricing/Cost120,000.00
MX960-SERVPREM3-ACJuniper MX960 MXAAF PREMIUM BUNDLE, AC POWER Pricing/Cost230,000.00
MX960-SERVPREM3-DCJuniper MX960 MXAAF PREMIUM BUNDLE, DC POWER Pricing/Cost230,000.00
NFX150-C-S1Juniper NFX150-C WITH 128 GB SSD (4-CORE CPU) Pricing/Cost3,500.00
NFX150-C-S1-AAJuniper NFX150-C WITH 128 GB SSD FOR APAC & ANZ Pricing/Cost4,500.00
NFX150-C-S1-AEJuniper NFX150-C WITH 128 GB SSD FOR AMER & EMEA Pricing/Cost4,500.00
NFX150-C-S1E-AAJuniper NFX150 DESKTOP SERVER (LTE, AA) Pricing/Cost5,000.00
NFX150-C-S1E-AEJuniper NFX150 DESKTOP SERVER, LTE - AE) Pricing/Cost5,000.00
NFX150-S1Juniper NFX150 WITH 256 GB SSD (8-CORE CPU) Pricing/Cost6,000.00
NFX150-S1EJuniper NFX150 RACKMOUNT SERVER Pricing/Cost7,000.00
NFX250-LS1Juniper NFX250 WITH 100 GB SSD (4-CORE CPU) AND Pricing/Cost4,750.00
NFX250-S1Juniper NFX250 WITH 100 GB STORAGE Pricing/Cost5,500.00
NFX250-S1EJuniper NFX250 WITH 200 GB STORAGE Pricing/Cost6,500.00
NFX250-S2Juniper NFX250 WITH 400 GB STORAGE Pricing/Cost8,500.00
NFX250-S2-TAAJuniper TAA-COMPLIANT NFX250-S2 Pricing/Cost9,000.00
NS-SM-S-BSEJuniper NSM SW ONLY WITH 25 DEVICE LICENSE Pricing/Cost6,900.00
PTX10002-60C-ACJuniper PTX10002 60X100G AC WITH BASE SW Pricing/Cost480,000.00
PTX10002-60C-AC-IRJuniper PTX10002 60X100G AC WITH IR SW Pricing/Cost600,000.00
PTX10002-60C-AC-RJuniper PTX10002 60X100G AC WITH R SW Pricing/Cost720,000.00
PTX10002-60C-DCJuniper PTX10002 60X100G DC WITH BASE SW Pricing/Cost480,000.00
PTX10002-60C-DC-IRJuniper PTX10002 60X100G DC WITH IR SW Pricing/Cost600,000.00
PTX10002-60C-DC-RJuniper PTX10002 60X100G DC WITH R SW Pricing/Cost720,000.00
PTX10008-BASEJuniper JNP10008/PTX10008 BASE CHASSIS Pricing/Cost78,000.00
PTX10008-PREMIUMJuniper JNP10008/PTX10008 REDUNDANT CHASSIS Pricing/Cost110,000.00
PTX10016-BASEJuniper JNP10016/PTX10016 BASE CHASSIS Pricing/Cost170,000.00
PTX10016-PREMIUMJuniper JNP10016/PTX10016 REDUNDANT CHASSIS Pricing/Cost210,000.00
PTX10K-LC1101-RJuniper PTX10K 3T LC (JNP10K-LC1101), R Pricing/Cost900,000.00
PTX10K-LC1104Juniper PTX10K 1.2T DWDM LC Pricing/Cost825,000.00
PTX10K-LC1105-RJuniper PTX10K 3T MACSEC LC (JNP10K-LC1105), R Pricing/Cost990,000.00
PTX1K-72Q-AC-IRJuniper PTX1000 3RD GEN 72 PORT -IR AC Pricing/Cost432,000.00
PTX1K-72Q-AC-RJuniper PTX1000 3RD GEN 72 PORT -R AC Pricing/Cost600,000.00
PTX1K-72Q-DC-IRJuniper PTX1000 3RD GEN 72 PORT -IR DC Pricing/Cost432,000.00
PTX1K-72Q-DC-RJuniper PTX1000 3RD GEN 72 PORT -R DC Pricing/Cost600,000.00
PTX5000BASE2Juniper PTX5000 BASE SYSTEM (CHASSIS+ENH MP+CP) Pricing/Cost125,000.00
QFX10002-36QJuniper QFX10002 SWITCH 36 QSFP 40GE PORTS AC PS Pricing/Cost45,000.00
QFX10002-36Q-DCJuniper QFX10002 SWITCH 36 QSFP 40GE PORTS DC PS Pricing/Cost46,000.00
QFX10002-36Q-TJuniper QFX10002 TAA-COMPLIANT 36-PORT 40G QSFP+ Pricing/Cost50,000.00
QFX10002-60CJuniper QFX10002 SWITCH 60 100GE PORTS AC PS Pricing/Cost170,000.00
QFX10002-60C-DCJuniper QFX10002 SWITCH 60 100GE PORTS DC PS Pricing/Cost174,000.00
QFX10002-72QJuniper QFX10002 SWITCH 72 QSFP 40GE PORTS AC PS Pricing/Cost90,000.00
QFX10002-72Q-DCJuniper QFX10002 SWITCH 72 QSFP 40GE PORTS DC PS Pricing/Cost92,000.00
QFX10002-72Q-TJuniper QFX10002 TAA-COMPLIANT 72-PORT 40G QSFP+ Pricing/Cost99,000.00
QFX10008-BASEJuniper QFX10008 BASE CHASSIS WITH QFX10008 FRON Pricing/Cost76,000.00
QFX10008-BASE-TJuniper QFX10008 TAA-COMPLIANT BASE CHASSIS WITH Pricing/Cost80,500.00
QFX10008-REDUNDJuniper QFX10008 REDUNDANT CHASSIS WITH QFX10008 Pricing/Cost99,000.00
QFX10008-REDUND-DCJuniper QFX10008 REDUNDANT DC CHASSIS WITH QFX10 Pricing/Cost108,000.00
QFX10008-REDUND-TJuniper QFX10008 TAA-COMPLIANT REDUNDANT CHASSIS Pricing/Cost104,500.00
QFX10016-BASEJuniper QFX10016 BASE CHASSIS WITH QFX10016 FRON Pricing/Cost170,000.00
QFX10016-BASE-TJuniper QFX10016 TAA-COMPLIANT BASE CHASSIS WITH Pricing/Cost180,000.00
QFX10016-REDUNDJuniper QFX10016 REDUNDANT CHASSIS WITH QFX10016 Pricing/Cost199,000.00
QFX10016-REDUND-DCJuniper QFX10016 REDUNDANT DC CHASSIS WITH QFX10 Pricing/Cost210,000.00
QFX10016-REDUND-TJuniper QFX10016 TAA-COMPLIANT REDUNDANT CHASSIS Pricing/Cost210,000.00
QFX10K-12C-DWDMJuniper QFX10K DWDM 1.2T LINE CARD BUNDLE Pricing/Cost825,000.00
QFX3008-CHASA-BASEJuniper QFX3008 CHASSIS Pricing/Cost165,000.00
QFX3008-FAB-2INTC-BNDLJuniper QFX3008 INTERCONNECT BUNDLE Pricing/Cost70,000.00
QFX3008-FAB-8NODE-BNDLJuniper QFABRIC QF NODE BNDL,8 QF/NODES,32Q SFP Pricing/Cost330,000.00
QFX3008-SF16QJuniper QFX3008 FRONT CARD Pricing/Cost50,000.00
QFX3100-GBE-ACRJuniper QFX3100 BASE SYSTEM WITH REDUNDANT AC PS Pricing/Cost25,000.00
QFX3100-GBE-SFP-ACRJuniper QFX3100 BSYS,RE AC PS,DUAL DISKS,SFP NIC Pricing/Cost25,000.00
QFX5100-24Q-3AFIJuniper QFX5100-24Q, AFI 3 MGMT PORTS Pricing/Cost40,000.00
QFX5100-24Q-3AFI-TJuniper QFX5100-24Q TAA MODEL BACK TO FRONT, AC Pricing/Cost41,000.00
QFX5100-24Q-3AFOJuniper QFX5100-24Q, AFO 3 MGMT PORTS Pricing/Cost40,000.00
QFX5100-24Q-3AFO-TJuniper QFX5100-24Q TAA MODEL FRONT TO BACK AC Pricing/Cost41,000.00
QFX5100-24Q-AA-AFIJuniper 24 QSFP+, AA PLATFORM, BACK TO FRONT AC Pricing/Cost51,000.00
QFX5100-24Q-AA-AFOJuniper 24 QSFP+, AA PLATFORM, FRONT TO BACK AC Pricing/Cost51,000.00
QFX5100-24Q-AFIJuniper QFX5100, 24X40G+2M,2 AC, BF Pricing/Cost40,000.00
QFX5100-24Q-AFOJuniper QFX5100, 24X40G+2M,2 AC, FB Pricing/Cost40,000.00
QFX5100-24Q-D-3AFIJuniper QFX5100-24Q AFI DC 3 MGMT PORTS Pricing/Cost41,500.00
QFX5100-24Q-D-3AFOJuniper QFX5100-24Q AFO DC 3 MGMT PORTS Pricing/Cost41,500.00
QFX5100-24Q-DC-AFIJuniper QFX5100, 24X40G + 2M, 2 DC, BF Pricing/Cost41,500.00
QFX5100-24Q-DC-AFOJuniper QFX5100, 24X40G + 2M,2 DC, FB Pricing/Cost41,500.00
QFX5100-48S-3AFIJuniper QFX5100-48S AFI, 3 MGMT PORTS Pricing/Cost30,000.00
QFX5100-48S-3AFI-TJuniper QFX5100-48S TAA MODEL BACK TO FRONT, AC Pricing/Cost32,000.00
QFX5100-48S-3AFOJuniper QFX5100-48S, AFO 3 MGMT PORTS Pricing/Cost30,000.00
QFX5100-48S-3AFO-TJuniper QFX5100-48S TAA MODEL FRONT TO BACK AC Pricing/Cost32,000.00
QFX5100-48S-AFIJuniper QFX5100, 48X10G+6X40G, 2 AC, BF Pricing/Cost30,000.00
QFX5100-48S-AFOJuniper QFX5100, 48X10G+6X40G, 2 AC, FB Pricing/Cost30,000.00
QFX5100-48S-D-3AFIJuniper QFX5100-48S AFI DC 3 MGMT PORTS Pricing/Cost31,500.00
QFX5100-48S-D-3AFOJuniper QFX5100-48S AFO DC 3 MGMT PORTS Pricing/Cost31,500.00
QFX5100-48S-DC-AFIJuniper QFX5100, 48X10G+6X40G, 2 DC, BF Pricing/Cost31,500.00
QFX5100-48S-DC-AFOJuniper QFX5100,48X10G+6X40G, 2 DC, FB Pricing/Cost31,500.00
QFX5100-48SH-AFIJuniper 48 PORT SFP+ AFI H/W ONLY MODEL Pricing/Cost9,000.00
QFX5100-48SH-AFOJuniper QFX5100-48S HARDWARE AIRFLOW OUT Pricing/Cost9,000.00
QFX5100-48T-AFIJuniper QFX5100, 48X10GT+6X40G, 2 AC, BF Pricing/Cost30,000.00
QFX5100-48T-AFI-TJuniper QFX5100-48T TAA MODEL BACK TO FRONT, AC Pricing/Cost32,000.00
QFX5100-48T-AFOJuniper QFX5100, 48X10GT+6X40G, 2 AC, FB Pricing/Cost30,000.00
QFX5100-48T-AFO-TJuniper QFX5100-48T TAA MODEL FRONT TO BACK AC Pricing/Cost32,000.00
QFX5100-48T-DC-AFIJuniper QFX5100, 248X10GT+6X40G, 2 DC, BF Pricing/Cost31,500.00
QFX5100-48T-DC-AFOJuniper QFX5100, 48X10GT+6X40G, 2 DC, FB Pricing/Cost31,500.00
QFX5100-48TH-AFIJuniper QFX5100 48 10G RJ45 AFI Pricing/Cost9,000.00
QFX5100-48TH-AFOJuniper QFX5100 48 10G RJ45 H/W ONLY AFO MODEL Pricing/Cost9,000.00
QFX5100-96S-AFIJuniper 96 1/10G,8 40G,2 AC PS,BF AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost43,000.00
QFX5100-96S-AFI-TJuniper QFX5100-96S TAA MODEL BACK TO FRONT AC Pricing/Cost45,000.00
QFX5100-96S-AFOJuniper 96 1/10G, 8 40G,2 AC PS,FB AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost43,000.00
QFX5100-96S-AFO-TJuniper QFX5100-96S TAA MODEL FRONT TO BACK AC Pricing/Cost45,000.00
QFX5100-96S-DC-AFIJuniper 96 1/10G,8 40G,2 DC PS,BF AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost44,500.00
QFX5100-96S-DC-AFOJuniper 96 1/10G,8 40G,2 DC PS,FB AIRFLOW Pricing/Cost44,500.00
QFX5110-32Q-AFIJuniper 32 QSFP+/20 QSFP+ QSFP28, BACK TO FRONT Pricing/Cost25,500.00
QFX5110-32Q-AFOJuniper 32 QSFP+/20 QSFP+ QSFP28, FRONT TO BACK Pricing/Cost25,500.00
QFX5110-32Q-DC-AFIJuniper 32 QSFP+/20 QSFP+ QSFP28, BACK TO FRONT Pricing/Cost26,000.00
QFX5110-32Q-DC-AFOJuniper 32 QSFP+/20 QSFP+ QSFP28, FRONT TO BACK Pricing/Cost26,000.00
QFX5110-48S-AFIJuniper 48 SFP+ AND 4 QSFP28, BACK TO FRONT AC Pricing/Cost22,500.00
QFX5110-48S-AFI-TJuniper QFX5110-48S TAA MODEL BACK TO FRONT, AC Pricing/Cost24,000.00
QFX5110-48S-AFOJuniper 48 SFP+ AND 4 QSFP28, FRONT TO BACK AC Pricing/Cost22,500.00
QFX5110-48S-AFO-TJuniper QFX5110-48S TAA MODEL FRONT TO BACK, AC Pricing/Cost24,000.00
QFX5110-48S-DC-AFIJuniper 48 SFP+ AND 4 QSFP28, BACK TO FRONT DC Pricing/Cost23,100.00
QFX5110-48S-DC-AFOJuniper 48 SFP+ AND 4 QSFP28, FRONT TO BACK DC Pricing/Cost23,100.00
QFX5200-32C-AFIJuniper QFX5200, 32X100G ,2AC,BF, NO SW INCLUDED Pricing/Cost12,800.00
QFX5200-32C-AFOJuniper QFX5200, 32X100G ,2AC,FB, NO SW INCLUDED Pricing/Cost12,800.00
QFX5200-32C-DC-AFIJuniper QFX5200, 32X100G ,2DC,BF, NO SW INCLUDED Pricing/Cost14,300.00
QFX5200-32C-DC-AFOJuniper QFX5200, 32X100G ,2DC,FB, NO SW INCLUDED Pricing/Cost14,300.00
QFX5200-48Y-AFIJuniper 48X25G+6X100G 1U AC AIRFLOW IN Pricing/Cost25,000.00
QFX5200-48Y-AFOJuniper 48X25G+6X100G 1U AC AIRFLOW OUT Pricing/Cost25,000.00
QFX5200-48Y-DC-AFIJuniper 48X25G+6X100G 1U DC AIRFLOW IN Pricing/Cost26,000.00
QFX5200-48Y-DC-AFOJuniper 48X25G+6X100G 1U DC AIRFLOW OUT Pricing/Cost26,000.00
QFX5210-64C-AFIJuniper 64 QSFP28, BACK TO FRONT AC Pricing/Cost41,200.00
QFX5210-64C-AFOJuniper 64 QSFP28, FRONT TO BACK AC Pricing/Cost41,200.00
S-APAW-256KJuniper JUNOS APP AND WEB AWARE (BNG) - ADD 256 Pricing/Cost1,200,000.00
SBR-CAR-TPS-10000Juniper SBR CARRIER ADD 10K TRANSAC/S Pricing/Cost800,000.00
SBR-HLR-SIGJuniper SBR CARR OPT SIGTRAN (2 ASSOC) Pricing/Cost27,900.00
S-MPLSV-D-500Juniper IPMPLSVIEW DELUX PKG 500 NODE Pricing/Cost3,900,000.00
S-MPLSV-D-500-LJuniper IPMPLSVIEW DELUX PKG 500 NODE LARGE Pricing/Cost4,225,000.00
S-MPLSV-D-50-LJuniper IPMPLSVIEW DELUX PKG 50 NODE LARGE Pricing/Cost845,000.00
S-MPLSV-P-500Juniper IPMPLSVIEW PREMIUM PKG 500 NODE Pricing/Cost2,250,000.00
S-MPLSV-P-500-LJuniper IPMPLSVIEW PREMIUM PKG 500 NODE LARGE Pricing/Cost2,437,500.00
S-MPLSV-S-500Juniper IPMPLSVIEW STANDARD PKG 500 NODE Pricing/Cost900,000.00
S-MPLSV-S-500-LJuniper IPMPLSVIEW STANDARD PKG 500 NODE LARGE Pricing/Cost1,000,000.00
S-MPLSV-SD-50Juniper IPMPLSVIEW SUPER DELUX 50 NODE Pricing/Cost1,000,000.00
S-MPLSV-SD-500Juniper IPMPLSVIEW SUPER DELUX 500 NODE Pricing/Cost5,500,000.00
S-MPLSV-SD-500-LJuniper IPMPLSVIEW SUPER DELUX 500 NODE LARGE Pricing/Cost6,000,000.00
S-MPLSV-SD-50-LJuniper IPMPLSVIEW SUPER DELUX 50 NODE LARGE Pricing/Cost1,300,000.00
S-NS-DEVICE250Juniper NORTHSTAR ADD 250 DEVICE -PERPETUAL Pricing/Cost1,000,000.00
S-NS-DEVICE500Juniper NORTHSTAR ADD 500 DEVICE -PERPETUAL Pricing/Cost2,000,000.00
S-NS-DEVICE500-1YJuniper NORTHSTAR ADD 500 DEVICE-SUBSCRIPTION Pricing/Cost1,000,000.00
SRC-PE1000K-LICJuniper SRC LIFETIME 1M CONCURRENT SVC SESS Pricing/Cost1,000,000.00
SRX110H2-VAJuniper SRX110, 2GB DRAM & CF, VDSL2 OVER POTS Pricing/Cost845.00
SRX1500-ACJuniper SRX1500, 1XAC PSU, 100GB SSD Pricing/Cost11,000.00
SRX1500-AC-TAAJuniper SRX1500-AC WITH TAA COMPLIANT Pricing/Cost14,000.00
SRX1500-DCJuniper SRX1500, 1XDC PSU, 100GB SSD Pricing/Cost11,000.00
SRX1500-DC-TAAJuniper SRX1500-DC WITH TAA COMPLIANT Pricing/Cost14,000.00
SRX1500-SYS-JB-ACJuniper SRX1500-AC HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost20,000.00
SRX1500-SYS-JB-DCJuniper SRX1500-DC HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost20,000.00
SRX1500-SYS-JE-ACJuniper SRX1500-AC HW & JUNOS ENHANCED (JSE) Pricing/Cost22,000.00
SRX1500-SYS-JE-DCJuniper SRX1500-DC HW & JUNOS ENHANCED (JSE) Pricing/Cost22,000.00
SRX210HE2-TAAJuniper SRX210 (2G), TAA SKU Pricing/Cost1,699.00
SRX220H2Juniper SRX220, 2GB DRAM & CF Pricing/Cost1,599.00
SRX220H2-POEJuniper SRX220, 2GB DRAM & CF, 8 PORT POE Pricing/Cost2,199.00
SRX240H2-DC-TAAJuniper SRX240H (2G), DC PS, TAA SKU Pricing/Cost4,999.00
SRX240H2-POE-TAAJuniper SRX240H (2G), 16 PORTS POE, TAA SKU Pricing/Cost4,999.00
SRX240H2-TAAJuniper SRX240H (2G), TAA SKU Pricing/Cost4,199.00
SRX300Juniper SRX300 HW ONLY REQUIRE SRX300 JSB OR JSE Pricing/Cost595.00
SRX300-SYS-JBJuniper SRX300 HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost995.00
SRX300-SYS-JEJuniper SRX300 HW & JUNOS ENHANCED(JSE) Pricing/Cost1,495.00
SRX300-TAAJuniper SRX300 TAA HW ONLY Pricing/Cost995.00
SRX320Juniper SRX320 HW ONLY REQUIRE SRX320 JSB OR JSE Pricing/Cost1,095.00
SRX320-POEJuniper SRX320-POE HW ONLY REQUIRE JSB OR JSE Pricing/Cost1,595.00
SRX320-POE-TAAJuniper SRX320, 6X POE, TAA COMPLIANT Pricing/Cost1,995.00
SRX320-SYS-JBJuniper SRX320 HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost1,495.00
SRX320-SYS-JB-PJuniper SRX320-POE HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost1,995.00
SRX320-SYS-JEJuniper SRX320 HW & JUNOS ENHANCED(JSE) Pricing/Cost1,995.00
SRX320-SYS-JE-PJuniper SRX320-POE HW & JUNOS ENHANCED(JSE) Pricing/Cost2,495.00
SRX320-TAAJuniper SRX320, TAA COMPLIANT Pricing/Cost1,395.00
SRX340Juniper SRX340 HW ONLY REQUIRE SRX340 JSB OR JSE Pricing/Cost2,295.00
SRX340-SYS-JBJuniper SRX340 HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost3,195.00
SRX340-SYS-JEJuniper SRX340 HW & JUNOS ENHANCED (JSE) Pricing/Cost4,095.00
SRX340-TAAJuniper SRX340, TAA COMPLIANT Pricing/Cost2,995.00
SRX345Juniper SRX345 HW ONLY REQUIRE SRX345 JSB OR JSE Pricing/Cost2,795.00
SRX345-DCJuniper SRX345 WITH SINGLE DC PSU (HW ONLY) Pricing/Cost3,295.00
SRX345-DUAL-ACJuniper SRX345 WITH DUAL AC PSU (HW ONLY) Pricing/Cost3,995.00
SRX345-DUAL-AC-TJuniper SRX345 DUAL AC TAA (HW ONLY) Pricing/Cost4,995.00
SRX345-SYS-JBJuniper SRX345 HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost4,495.00
SRX345-SYS-JB-2ACJuniper SRX345-2AC HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost5,695.00
SRX345-SYS-JB-DCJuniper SRX345 DC PSU & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost4,995.00
SRX345-SYS-JEJuniper SRX345 HW & JUNOS ENHANCED (JSE) Pricing/Cost5,695.00
SRX345-SYS-JE-2ACJuniper SRX345-2AC HW & JUNOS ENHANCED (JSE) Pricing/Cost6,895.00
SRX345-SYS-JE-DCJuniper SRX345 DC PSU & JUNOS BASE (JSE) Pricing/Cost6,195.00
SRX345-TAAJuniper SRX345, TAA COMPLIANT Pricing/Cost3,995.00
SRX4100-ACJuniper SRX4100 SERVICES GATEWAY, AC Pricing/Cost28,000.00
SRX4100-CHASJuniper SRX4100 CHASSIS; NO PSU AND NO FAN Pricing/Cost50,000.00
SRX4100-DCJuniper SRX4100 SERVICES GATEWAY, DC Pricing/Cost28,000.00
SRX4100-SYS-JB-ACJuniper SRX4100-AC HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost51,000.00
SRX4100-SYS-JB-DCJuniper SRX4100-DC HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost51,000.00
SRX4100-SYS-JE-ACJuniper SRX4100-AC HW & JUNOS ENHANCED (JSE) Pricing/Cost61,500.00
SRX4100-SYS-JE-DCJuniper SRX4100-DC HW & JUNOS ENHANCED (JSE) Pricing/Cost61,500.00
SRX4200-ACJuniper SRX4200 SERVICES GATEWAY, AC Pricing/Cost40,000.00
SRX4200-CHASJuniper SRX4200 CHASSIS; NO PSU AND NO FAN Pricing/Cost85,000.00
SRX4200-DCJuniper SRX4200 SERVICES GATEWAY, DC Pricing/Cost40,000.00
SRX4200-FANJuniper SRX4100/SRX4200 FAN UNIT Pricing/Cost400.00
SRX4200-RMKJuniper SRX4100/SRX4200 RACK MOUNT KIT - RAIL Pricing/Cost350.00
SRX4200-SYS-JB-ACJuniper SRX4200-AC HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost86,000.00
SRX4200-SYS-JB-DCJuniper SRX4200-DC HW & JUNOS BASE (JSB) Pricing/Cost86,000.00
SRX4200-SYS-JE-ACJuniper SRX4200-AC HW & JUNOS ENHANCED (JSE) Pricing/Cost106,500.00
SRX4200-SYS-JE-DCJuniper SRX4200-DC HW & JUNOS ENHANCED (JSE) Pricing/Cost106,500.00
SRX4600-ACJuniper SRX4600 SERVICES GATEWAY, AC Pricing/Cost139,995.00
SRX4600-AC-TAAJuniper SRX4600 SERVICES GATEWAY, AC, TAA Pricing/Cost139,995.00
SRX4600-DCJuniper SRX4600 SERVICES GATEWAY, DC Pricing/Cost139,995.00
SRX4600-DC-TAAJuniper SRX4600 SERVICES GATEWAY, DC, TAA Pricing/Cost139,995.00
SRX5400E-B1-ACJuniper SRX5400E CONFIG 1,RE,SCB,SPC,MPC,2XAC Pricing/Cost180,000.00
SRX5400E-B1-AC-TAAJuniper SRX5400E CONFIG1,RE,SCB,SPC,MPC,2XAC,TAA Pricing/Cost190,000.00
SRX5400E-B1-DCJuniper SRX5400E CONFIG 1,RE,SCB,SPC,MPC,2XDC Pricing/Cost180,000.00
SRX5400E-B1-DC-TAAJuniper SRX5400E CONFIG1,RE,SCB,SPC,MPC,2XDC,TAA Pricing/Cost190,000.00
SRX5400E-B2-ACJuniper SRX5400E CONFIG 2,RE,SCB,2XSPC,MPC,2XAC Pricing/Cost280,000.00
SRX5400E-B2-DCJuniper SRX5400E CONFIG 2,RE,SCB,2XSPC,MPC,2XDC Pricing/Cost280,000.00
SRX5400E-B5-ACJuniper SRX5400 W:2XSRX5400E-B1-AC,+4 PEM,APPSEC Pricing/Cost320,000.00
SRX5400E-B5-DCJuniper SRX5400 W:2XSRX5400E-B1-DC,+4 PEM,APPSEC Pricing/Cost320,000.00
SRX5400X-B1Juniper SRX5400X W: RE2,SCB3,SPC2,IOC2,2XPEM Pricing/Cost180,000.00
SRX5400X-B2Juniper SRX5400X W: RE2,SCB3,SPC2,MPC3-40G,2XPEM Pricing/Cost245,000.00
SRX5400X-B3Juniper SRX5400X W:RE2,SCB3,SPC2,MPC3-100G,2XPEM Pricing/Cost255,000.00
SRX5400X-B5-ACJuniper SRX5400 W:2XSRX5400X-B1,+4 AC PEM,APPSEC Pricing/Cost320,000.00
SRX5400X-B5-DCJuniper SRX5400 W:2XSRX5400X-B1,+4 DC PEM,APPSEC Pricing/Cost320,000.00
SRX5400X-B6-ACJuniper 2XSRX5400X W:1XSPC2+1IOC2,4AC PEM,APPSEC Pricing/Cost235,000.00
SRX5400X-B6-DCJuniper 2XSRX5400X W:1XSPC2+1IOC2,4DC PEM,APPSEC Pricing/Cost235,000.00
SRX5400X-B7-ACJuniper 2XSRX5400X W:2XSPC2+1IOC2,4AC PEM,APPSEC Pricing/Cost320,000.00
SRX5400X-B7-DCJuniper 2XSRX5400X W:2XSPC2+1IOC2,4DC PEM,APPSEC Pricing/Cost320,000.00
SRX550-645APJuniper SRX550, AC PSU Pricing/Cost9,999.00
SRX550-645AP-MJuniper SRX550, AC PSU, 4G RAM, 8G CF Pricing/Cost9,999.00
SRX550-645AP-M-TAAJuniper SRX550, AC PSU, 4G RAM, 8G CF, TAA Pricing/Cost12,999.00
SRX550-645AP-TAAJuniper SRX550, AC PS, TAA SKU Pricing/Cost12,999.00
SRX550-645DPJuniper SRX550, DC PSU Pricing/Cost9,999.00
SRX550-645DP-MJuniper SRX550, DC PSU, 4G RAM, 8G CF Pricing/Cost9,999.00
SRX550-645DP-M-TAAJuniper SRX550, DC PSU, 4G RAM, 8G CF, TAA Pricing/Cost12,999.00
SRX550-645DP-TAAJuniper SRX550, DC PS, TAA SKU Pricing/Cost12,999.00
SRX550-M-SYS-JE-ACJuniper SRX550-AC-M HW & JUNOS ENHANCED (JSE) Pricing/Cost11,495.00
SRX550-M-SYS-JE-DCJuniper SRX550-DC-M HW & JUNOS ENHANCED (JSE) Pricing/Cost11,495.00
SRX5600E-B1-AC-TAAJuniper SRX5600E CONFIG1,RE,SCB,SPC,MPC,2XAC,TAA Pricing/Cost250,000.00
SRX5600E-BASE-ACJuniper SRX5600E BASE,RE-1800X4,SCBE,2XHC AC PEM Pricing/Cost65,000.00
SRX5600E-BASE-DCJuniper SRX5600E BASE,RE-1800X4,SCBE,HC DC PEM Pricing/Cost65,000.00
SRX5600X-BASEJuniper SRX5600X CONFIGURED: RE2, SCB3, 2XPEM Pricing/Cost65,000.00
SRX5800-ATP-BUN-5Juniper ATP BUNDLE 5YR-SRX5800 Pricing/Cost875,900.00
SRX5800E-B1-AC-TAAJuniper SRX5800E CNFG1,RE,2XSCB,SPC,MPC,2XAC,TAA Pricing/Cost295,000.00
SRX5800E-BASE-ACJuniper SRX5800E BASE,RE-1800X4,2XSCBE,2XHC AC Pricing/Cost89,000.00
SRX5800E-BASE-DCJuniper SRX5600E BASE,RE-1800X4,2XSCBE,2XHC DC Pricing/Cost89,000.00
SRX5800X-BASEJuniper SRX5800X CONFIGURED: RE2,2XSCB3,2XPEM Pricing/Cost89,000.00
SRX650B-SRE6-645AP-TAAJuniper SRX650, AC PSU, TAA Pricing/Cost20,000.00
T1600-TXP3DLCC-UPGJuniper T1600/T1600 TO TXP3D-LCC UPG KIT Pricing/Cost250,000.00
T4000BASEJuniper T4000 LINE CARD CHASSIS 8 SLOTS,NON REDU Pricing/Cost100,000.00
T4000-TXP3DLCC-UPGJuniper T4000 TO TXP3D-LCC UPG KIT Pricing/Cost200,000.00
T4K-12XGE-FPC5-UPGJuniper UPG KIT - T1600/T640 TO T4K WITH 16G RE Pricing/Cost320,000.00
T4K-1CGE-FPC5-UPGJuniper UPG KIT - T1600/T640 TO T4K WITH 16G RE Pricing/Cost300,000.00
T4K-24XGE-FPC5-UPGJuniper UPG KIT - T1600/T640 TO T4K WITH 16G RE Pricing/Cost345,000.00
T4K-RED-BNDLJuniper T4000-LCC-RED-BNDL WITH CONFIGURABLE RE Pricing/Cost125,000.00
T4K-UPGJuniper T4000 UPG BNDL WITH 16G RE-DUO-C1800 Pricing/Cost222,000.00
TXP3D-2LCC-SIB-UPGJuniper TXP TO TXP-3D SFC UPG KIT, UPTO 2X LCC Pricing/Cost750,000.00
VBNG-ELIT-100KJuniper VBNG ELITE 100K SCALE PERPETUAL Pricing/Cost1,500,000.00
VBNG-ELIT-100K-1YRJuniper VBNG ELITE 100K SCALE 1YR SUBSCRIPTION Pricing/Cost810,000.00
VBNG-INTR-100KJuniper VBNG INTR 100K SCALE PERPETUAL Pricing/Cost800,000.00
VBNG-INTR-1MJuniper VBNG INTR 1M SCALE PERPETUAL Pricing/Cost8,000,000.00
VBNG-INTR-1M-1YRJuniper VBNG INTR 1M SCALE 1YR SUBSCRIPTION Pricing/Cost4,300,000.00
VBNG-PREF-100KJuniper VBNG PREF 100K SCALE PERPETUAL Pricing/Cost1,200,000.00
VBNG-PREF-1M-1YRJuniper VBNG PREF 1M SCALE 1YR SUBSCRIPTION Pricing/Cost6,500,000.00