Tanium vs ForeScout Pricing and Functionality

Tanium, ForeScout price comparison model

Tanium’s pricing is not publicly available, so interested parties must work with a Tanium sales consultant directly and/or professional services to price out a deployment. Suffice to say, the platform is enterprise-focused and is priced accordingly. Premium phone/email support options are available, at a cost.

ForeScout’s CounterACT hardware and virtual appliance starts at a price of around $10,000. For support, customers get 7×24 technical support during the term of their support subscription.

ForeScout Pricing and Price List

Tanium vs ForeScout Overview

ForeScout and Tanium are in the device management space which includes tools for discovering IT assets in their environment. Devices/nodes attached at any point in time might include a combination of laptops, mobile phones/devices, physical servers, virtual servers, desktops and an increasing number of IOT devices and sensors. Cybersecurity suites such as ForeScout and Tanium have made infrastructure discovery and visibility their main focus.

ForeScout and Tanium both focus on helping organizations know what’s in their environments. ForeScout, the more senior of the two cyber-security vendors, detects known/unknown devices the moment they appear on the network. Tanium also touts quick awareness by using its unique backend architecture, providing what it calls “15 second visibility and control.”

ForeScout Background

ForeScout Technologies was founded by three Israeli entrepreneurs in 2000. The company’s flagship product CounterACT, gives organizations the ability to see devices immediately when they appear in an environment, as well as control/manage/convey security information about devices to other security tools.

It’s worth noting that ForeScout functions without using software agents to manage individual IT assets. This is accomplished by way of its unique ControlFabric Architecture: an innovation that enables real-time network access control (NAC) and visibility across all its endpoints, as well as multivendor interoperability and management capabilities.

Tanium Background

Like ForeScout, Tanium has made fast awareness of devices its primary value proposition. The company markets its 15-second visibility/control heavily, as these capabilities allow organizations to detect security flaws and disseminate critical patches and updates faster than with traditional endpoint security and management solutions. The company also bills itself as the “Google of Enterprise IT”; its product uses a natural language search engine for querying endpoint configurations offering a quick, intuitive mechanism for infrastructure discovery.

ForeScout vs Tanium Capabilities

Both ForeScout and Tanium provide comprehensive capabilities although ForeScout is more NAC-oriented while Tanium focuses on endpoint protection. ForeScout offers Extended Modules for expanding the platform’s capabilities through third-party partners for vulnerability assessment, SIEM, endpoint detection and response, and more. Tanium also offers various modules such as Compy, Discover, Incident Response to round out its offering.