Tanium Endpoint Management and Security Price List

How much does Tanium Cost?

Tanium was founded to deliver a new and innovative approach to endpoint management and security that delivers instant visibility and responsiveness that does not slow down as the enterprise environment scales. Tanium market pricing can be found in the chart below.

Tanium Market Pricing and Budgetary Cost

TAN-ASSET-STanium Asset - Subscription Pricing$5
TAN-COMP-STanium Comply checks system configurations against standard security benchmarks with complete results in minutes. With on-demand, enterprise-wide results, organizations can improve overall security hygiene and simplify preparation for industry compliance Pricing$8
TAN-CORE-STanium Core Platform - Subscription Pricing$27
TAN-CORE-SUMTanium Core Platform - Annual Perpetual Support & Maintenance Pricing$11
TAN-DISC-STanium Discover is a component to detect and identify unmanaged assets, categorize and tag them, and take action to bring those assets under management. Pricing$5
TAN-EDR-STanium Security Suite - Subscription. Security Suite is comprised of Incident Response, IOC Detect, Trace, Discover and Protect. Pricing$30
TAN-IM-STanium Integrity Monitor simplifies achieving regulatory compliance and makes file integrity monitoring more effective enterprise-wide. By consolidating point tools, compliance and security teams become more efficient through the speed, scale, and complet Pricing$8
TAN-IOCD-STanium IOC Detect - Subscription Pricing$8
TAN-IR-STanium Incident Response - Subscription Pricing$8
TAN-PREM-SUMTanium Premium Support Pricing$338,887
TAN-PROT-STanium Protect delivers policies and actions to manage these native operating system protections at enterprise-scale. Pricing$5
TAN-PS-DTanium Premium Support - Daily Pricing$2,259
TAN-PS-WTanium Premium Support - Weekly Pricing$11,296
TAN-PTCH-STanium Patch automates previously time-consuming and error-prone patch management processes across millions of endpoints with unparalleled speed, flexibility and reliability, without requiring an expensive and complex infrastructure to support it. Pricing$5
TAN-TRACE-STanium Trace - Subscription Pricing$8
TAN-TR-ADV-1DTanium Advanced Content 1-day Remote Training Pricing$2,824
TAN-TR-FND-3DTanium Foundation, Operations and
Incident Response 3-day Remote Training Pricing
TAN-TR-INST-1DTanium Advanced Installation and Configuration 1-day Remote Training Pricing$2,824
TAN-TR-IR-2DTanium Foundation and
Incident Response 2-day Remote Training Pricing
TAN-TRO-ADV-1DTanium Advanced Content 1-day Onsite Training Pricing$4,518
TAN-TRO-FND-3DTanium Foundation, Operations and
Incident Response 3-day Onsite Training Pricing
TAN-TRO-INST-1DTanium Advanced Installation and Configuration 1-day Onsite Training Pricing$4,518
TAN-TRO-IR-2DTanium Foundation and
Incident Response 2-day Onsite Training Pricing
TAN-TRO-OPS-2DTanium Foundation and
Operations 2-day Onsite Training Pricing
TAN-TR-OPS-2DTanium Foundation and
Operations 2-day Remote Training Pricing
TAN-TR-STanium Threat Response delivers a broad set of capabilities to detect, investigate, and respond to threats and vulnerabilities across every endpoint with unparalleled speed and scalability. Pricing$21