BluVector Pricing

BluVector pricing for our test unit came in at $188,440, but in our view it is worth it for organizations that house sensitive data and have large environments.

“BluVector is a threat hunting tool like no other. Instead of acting on static code on the target server, it inspects the data stream instead. Operating at line speed means it can do malware analysis in real time.

BluVector supports line speeds of up to 10 Gbps. It is an on-premise in a 2U server appliance. During our test, noted that it had analyzed 1.9K events. Of those, it found only 57 interesting enough to dig into more deeply. After that stage of the analysis it identified only four events as malicious. The amount of time and effort this saves the threat hunter is really impressive.

BluVector provides real-time advanced threat detection. This Network Intrusion Detection System is based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and speculative code execution. BluVector pricing is available by contacting them directly.


  • BluVector Cortex can respond to file-less and file-based malware.
  • Threats like Zero-day malware and ransomware can also be detected, analyzed, and contained in real-time.
  • BluVector Cortex is composed of three components i.e. AI-based Detection Engines, Intelligent Decision Support, and Connectors Framework.

Verdict: BluVector Cortex is an AI-driven security platform. It has flexible deployment options. It provides 100% network coverage and can be used by any sized organization.